Want to make a difference and join the Mending Kids family of volunteers? There are many ways you too can play a part in saving more children’s lives.

Join our passionate team of global leaders working to mend the world, one child at a time! No matter what your age or where you live, you can make a difference in the life of a child.

Being a kid with a disabling health issue is tough, it’s even tougher when it can be easily fixed, but there’s no access to corrective healthcare. In the U.S. and developing countries around the world, children suffer from birth defects their entire lives; defects that can be changed with a simple surgical procedure and Mending Kids is here to help!

By connecting children in need with our expert volunteer surgical teams, the children you help mend are gifted the opportunity to live a normal, healthy life!

Volunteer for one of our Signature events

Each year, Mending Kids holds 2-3 fundraising events and could use your help with stuffing invitations, procuring donated items for auctions, setting-up and breaking-down, greeting guests, and more!

Volunteer to host your own fundraiser

Maybe you are planning to have a fun “end-of-summer” BBQ with your friends, and want to add a charitable component. Or maybe you and your kids want to plan a special event with friends that will help save the lives of kids around the world. Whatever your idea, we’d love to help you make it happen!

Volunteer virtually and help us spread the word!

We have so many stories of mended kids to share and you can help us multiply the impact by sharing via your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter….. (needs more)

Volunteer by helping in our offices - we love interns!

Mending Kids’ interns and other volunteers are involved with many important functions including research, supply inventory, mission logistics and more. You will gain valuable experience with our small, talented staff, and have fun while doing it!

Volunteer by rallying students to support our mission

Everyone needs community service hours. Why not put that time toward saving kids’ lives? Start a Mending Kids Club at your school, or rally your fellow students to help with an event. There are lots of ways for young people to help other young people around the world through Mending Kids!

Volunteer to make hand-made blankets that are given to children after surgery

Come to one of our fast-paced “Blanket Factories” where you will help cut fabric, prep, fold and package blankets for children.


How can I help mend a child?

For most of us, performing a complex cardiac surgery on a child isn’t a skill we possess, but supporting a cardiac surgical team to a children’s orphanage in Honduras and cheering them on, is a skill we can all do, and you can start today! Mending Kids needs passionate individuals like you wanting to change the world by sharing your passion with your family, friends, school, church, work and community.

Volunteers have the power to change lives and make a huge difference; all it takes is a dedicated and passionate individual to speak up in their community. You can make that difference and be that volunteer. Every conversation you share with someone about the work of Mending Kids, you are one step closer to connecting a child in need with one of our expert surgeons.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

For volunteers living in the Los Angeles area, we host a number of fundraising events throughout the year to support our children and our missions. Volunteers help organize and run these large fundraisers each year helping with registration, greeters, silent auctions, live auctions, graphic design, and more.
Mending Kids looks for volunteers throughout the year dedicated to helping save lives. For volunteers in the local Los Angeles, CA area, Mending Kids needs volunteers to help at our annual fundraising events.
Sometimes we even need help at our Mending Kids headquarters, stuffing envelopes, making mailers, running booths at community events and general office needs. We email our volunteer team with available opportunities each month, download an application and join our volunteer team today!

How can I volunteer in my community for Mending Kids?

Outreach is about spreading the word of the mission of Mending Kids, to provide life-changing surgical care for a child, with your own communities’ passion for helping those in need. Everyone in your community has a desire to help, but many of them simple don’t know how or where to start.
Fundraising isn’t just about giving money to a cause; it is about telling others that you are here to make a difference and you are here to help. You have the skills. Each of us has a skill, talent or hobby that we love and that we love to share, especially when you can share it for a good cause! What skills or talents can you share? Perhaps you have a passion for soccer, host a community game to raise awareness for children that need foot surgery. Or maybe you love photography, create a gallery showing off your photography; invite friends and family to raise money for children with heart defects in Ethiopia.
The following Mending Kids Community Outreach & Fundraising Kit provides you with the information to start sharing your passion for changing children’s lives with your local community today! You will find a number of tools to learn more about Mending Kids and the work we do, along with tools for planning and hosting your own Mending Kids projects to help us mend more lives.
Thank you for your support of Mending Kids, with the help of dedicated people like you, we can mend more kids in more countries around the world! If you have questions or concerns please let us know, we are always glad to help!

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