Mending Kids understands how many children need surgery, and we work hard to offer care to as many children as possible. If you know of a child needing surgery, click the button below to fill out our application form.

Our team meets every 4 weeks to go over applications and determine eligibility, and then the scheduling process begins. If a child does not fit into our program, we make every effort to connect them with another resource who can get them the care they need.


Please download the application below to begin the referral process.

What criteria helps quickly determine the eligibility of a child for surgical treatment? And, what is required to submit my child for consideration?

If you have a child under the age of 16 currently living outside of the United States that needs corrective surgical treatment, please complete and submit the application below with all required documents.

You can submit an application one of these 3 WAYS:

-E-mail the completed application and documents by clicking here.

-Send by Fax to 818-843-6365

-Mail the completed application and documents to:
Mending Kids
2307 W Olive Avenue
Suite B
Burbank, CA 91506

What should I know before I submit an application for my child? How long before I know if my child will receive treatment?

Important Notes:

  • – Mending Kids is unable to provide diagnostic treatment, and therefore, a surgical recommendation is required for consideration.
  • – It is outside the current scope of our mission to accept children with cancer, or those needing organ transplants.
  • – It is important that the whole package outlined in the application be completed BEFORE it is submitted. Incomplete applications cannot be reviewed.
  • – If you fill the spaces in completely on the application, it is easier for us to learn how we can help.
  • – Once you apply, please stay in touch. Sometimes it takes months to get a response from hospitals or doctors regarding your child’s treatment eligibility.
  • We also have many children on our waiting list for consideration. Please follow up with us if you have not heard anything from us after a month or two. Inquiries Here
  • We look forward to hearing from you.

Do you still partner with the Philippine Heart Center?

Filipino Applicants

Good news! We are happy to have an existing program in-country at the Philippine Heart Center in Manila.

Filipino applicants who are looking for financial assistance to support their child’s heart surgery are required to go directly to the social services offices at the Philippine Heart Center in Manila. We no longer take applications for Filipino children needing heart surgery – as they are all directed to the Philippine Heart Center for processing.

Once your child is registered with the Heart Center, they will determine if your child qualifies for the new “Z Benefit” which offers low cost surgeries to children under five who are diagnosed with PDA, ASD, and some TOF’s. If your child is over 5 years old, and/or they need surgeries outside of this list, the Heart Center will help you complete a financial analysis. If your family is found to be in financial Category C or D, they will help you qualify directly for financial assistance with Mending Kids and complete the simple paperwork.